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ThinkEasy Battery Test Clip by THINKCAR, is a Bluetooth battery tester for vehicles and motorcycles. It can be easily used with ThinkDiag+ App via Bluetooth, offering specialized battery checking service and diagnostics.  Besides the professionalism, ThinkEasy is also a perfect tool for every car owner. 


ThinkEasy can check almost all automotive batteries on the market includes common lead ACID battery, AGM start/Stop battery, Gel battery, EFB battery. What’s more, ThinkEasy is compatible with motorcycle with 12V battery.


Replace Your Bad Battery In Time:

Usually the battery’s lifespan is 2-3 years, and you’ll need to replace it. THINKEASY gives you the information about the life of your batteries, instead of guessing, or vaguely remembering when it was last replaced or charged. It also allows you to test a battery to see if the problem is the battery or your charging system before spending money for replacing parts unnecessarily.

Some common situations affect and damage the battery:

With THINKEASY, you can check the battery by yourself just in seconds, and avoid the hassle of driving to repair shop to find out if your battery is good or not. The most important thing is, it makes you know the problem and replace the battery in advance before it leaves your car dead on road.

ThinkEasy is easy to use, even for the beginners. Just attach the clamp on the positive and negative terminals. You’ll be able to check the battery on your smartphone. The Electrodes reverse prevention design avoids any potential damages to the device or the battery when reversely connecting to the terminals.




ThinkEasy supports battery healthy test, starting system test, charging system test and generate the report in just a few seconds. ThinkEasy can directly detect damage of battery.

1. Battery Healthy Test

ThinkEasy can test almost all 12V vehicle motorcycle batteries, provides you the condition of your vehicle battery with a capacity of 100 to 2000 CCA.

2. Starting System Test

ThinkEasy can easily check the starting system, starting voltage, and starting time on your phone.

3. Charging System Test

ThinkEasy can check charging system to make sure the generator and the charging current are in regular conditions.

4. Test Reports

Quickly generate accurate report for your vehicle battery on your phone. And the report results based on CCA, EN, CA, MCA, DIN, SAE, JIS and IEC Standards.


Unique Design of ThinkEasy:

· Compare to other battery testers, ThinkEasy has just two clips connecting by one bridge circuit. Other products on the market have heavy connectors to connect the two clips and usually the clips are made of metal which adds more weight. However, the clips of ThinkEasy are made of expensive fine plastic which guarantees the extremely light weight---only 0.167 kg.

· The premium quality copper clip and wire provide a stable communication with Bluetooth.

We removed the Bluetooth and battery modules and put them in the negative clip, bringing the simplest style and also ensure an up to 10m long-distance diagnostics via Bluetooth.  What’s more, our chips adopted the most advanced semi-conductor technology. This high-precision and industrial design brings a more satisfied user experience.

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