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SmartSafe Launch ADAS Radar 3 in 1 Calibration Tool

SmartSafe Launch ADAS Radar 3 in 1 Calibration Tool


  • Features

    Radar 3-in-1 calibration tool is a tool for radar system calibration developed by SmartSafe, including ACC radar target, corner reflector target, doppler simulator, three-in-one main frame and accessories. Support calibration Adaptive cruise control system, blind spot monitoring system, lane change assist system, front corner radar system.

    Kit Includes:

    • LAM05-02 ACC Radar Target
      ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) 
    • LAC05-03 Corner Reflector
      ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control),  BSM (Blind spot monitoring system)
    • LAC05-04 Doppler Simulator
      LCA (Lane Change Assist), FCR (Front Corner Radar)
    • Main Unit
    • Mounting Adaptor
    • Five Line Laser Device
    • Laser Reflector
    • Auxillary Mirror
    • L Shaped Positioning Bracket
    • Plumb Line
    • Tape


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