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OTOFIX EvoScan Ultra

OTOFIX EvoScan Ultra

  • Features

    OTOFIX EvoScan Ultra Diagnostic Scanner: Advanced ECU Online Programming and J2534 Programming

    Elevate your automotive business with the OTOFIX EvoScan Ultra Diagnostic Scanner, a powerhouse tool designed to support a comprehensive range of ECU online programming and J2534 programming functionalities. This advanced scanner empowers technicians to reprogram, rewrite, code, and match new ECUs after module replacement, enhancing vehicle performance through new adaptive data programming, software/firmware replacement, component module matching, hidden function flashing, and more.

    Key Features:

    • Advanced ECU Programming: Seamlessly program new adaptive data to onboard modules, replace existing software/firmware, match component control modules, flash hidden functions, and boost vehicle performance.

    • Topology Map & All System Diagnosis: Featuring new topology module mapping, this tool allows easy visualization of module communication structures. Perform comprehensive system diagnostics, view live data in graphs, and quickly identify faults with marked DTCs for direct fault module access.

    • Online/Offline Coding, Active Test, & Key Programming: Rematch, relearn, and recode new ECUs, unlock hidden functions, and customize settings. Execute bi-directional control tests and handle key programming tasks efficiently if the PIN is known.

    • 40+ Maintenance Services & VAG Guided Functions: Surpassing OTOFIX D1 PRO/D1 MAX, the EvoScan Ultra offers over 40 services for more than 10,000 vehicles, including specialized services for VAG group cars, providing step-by-step guidance for complex operations.

    • 2024 Superfast Auto Scan 2.0 & New Features: Experience 3X faster diagnostics with the 2024 Auto Scan 2.0 technology, enriched with new features like Battery Test, WiFi Printing, Cloud Management, and more, ensuring a valuable investment.

    • Top-End Configuration & Wide Vehicle Coverage: With support for over 10,000 vehicles, a 10.4" screen, and high-capacity memory, the EvoScan Ultra handles comprehensive diagnostics efficiently. It supports all current diagnostic protocols and is ready for 2024 vehicle models from leading brands.

    The OTOFIX EvoScan Ultra is the ultimate diagnostic tool, setting new standards in vehicle diagnostics and maintenance, and is an essential asset for automotive professionals seeking to upgrade their diagnostic capabilities.

    Check Vehicle Coverage Here.

    Key Features:

    • Supports programming, coding, hidden features, guided function, and topology view.
    • Over 40 maintenance service functions.
    • Covers over 10,000 models from over 80 vehicle makes across China/Asia/Europe/America.
    • Supports CAN FD and DoIP, no adapter needed.
    • Supports J2534, RP1210, and D-PDU standards.
    • Supports over 40 common maintenance services.
    • Remote technical support.
  • Specifications

    ROM: 128G
    RAM: 4G
    Battery capacity: 7250mAh
    Operating system: Android 11
    Screen size: 10.4 inches Touchscreen
    Camera: Front: 5MP; Rear: 8MP
    Lower computer: V1 Flash
    J2534/RP1210/D-PDU: Yes
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