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MaxiSys ADAS IA600

MaxiSys ADAS IA600

  • Features

    The IA600 is the ultimate portable 3D camera ADAS calibration tool. It is specifically designed to provide accurate calibration placement for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) within just 1 minute. With its step-by-step graphic instructions, the IA600 makes the calibration process straightforward and easy to follow. By aligning with the vehicle’s thrust line, the tool ensures optimal calibration accuracy, even for complex ADAS systems. Additionally, the IA600 boasts a modular frame design, making it incredibly easy to move and transport. The IA600 is compatible with the MaxiSYS ADAS tablet when upgraded with ADAS software (purchased separately).

    Perform vehicle LDW camera calibrations

    • Powerful: support laser positioning and 3D camera positioning to meet different customer’s needs.
    • Portable: flexible and light, easy to transport, many application scenarios.

    • Precise: 3D camera positioning provides the most accurate and fastest calibration frame placement.


    Item Description
    Calibration Frame − Folded
    Upper Crossbeam– Unfolded
    Upper Crossbeam – Folded
    Lower Crossbeam
    Calibration Frame Height Range 1055~1755
    Upper Crossbeam Height Range 1000~1700mm
    Lower Crossbeam Height Range 300~950 mm
    Camera Dimmensions
    1210*630*470 mm
    Total Weight 54KG
    Operating Temperature -10~50°C
    Storage Temperature 20~60°C
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