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Launch X431 PAD V LINK HD

Launch X431 PAD V LINK HD

The X-431 PAD V LINK HD is a high-end professional diagnostic tool for Commercial Vehicles Repairing & Diagnostics service and solution for Truck, Buses, Construction Vehicles, Agricultural Vehicles, Trailer and Vessels, covering a wide range of vehicles.

    • Comprehensive diagnostic functions and services includeTopology mapping, X-431 FIX diagnostic database, Smartlink remote diagnosis, reading and clearing DTC, live data streaming, local remote diagnosis, bi-directionalcontrol, wireless software update, coding, etc.
    • Support 13 service functions including DPF Regen, Parameter Setting, Cylinder Cut-off Compression test, Oil Maintenance Reset, Injector Coding, Speed Limit Adjustment, Urea Drive(DEF), Deep DTC Clearing, Transmission Replacement, Nox Sensor Reset, Idle Speed Adjustment, Fan Calibration, Remote Accelerator.
    • Supports automotive communication protocols CAN/CANFD/DolP and automotive communication standards J2534.
    • Optional ADAS HD calibration increase more revenue
    • The software is available to purchase separately on the Mall
      at any time.
    • Built-in repair information and training videos help to track
      and fix issues fast.
    • Rechargeable docking station; IP65-rated and 10.1-inch IPS
      sunlight-readable touch screen with gorilla glass against
    • Toolbox for multiple add-on modules, including Oscilloscope, Sensorbox, Battery Tester, Videoscope and Wi-Fi printer, etc.
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