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Launch X-431 TSGUN Pro TPMS Tire Pressure Detector + 4 Sensors

Launch X-431 TSGUN Pro TPMS Tire Pressure Detector + 4 Sensors

Launch X-431 TSGUN PRO = 431 TSGUN + 4 Metal LTR-01 RF sensors


LAUNCH X-431 TSGUN TPMS WAND is a portable, affordable and formidable powerful TPMS tools, designed to work with X-431 diagnostic tools to expand new functions and generate new revenues for X-431 users

  • Features

    1. 1.77 inch color screen
    2. Instantly read tire pressure, tire temperature and battery status
    3. Diagnose tire pressure fault, including read DTC, clear DTC, etc.
    4. Activate and match all 315MHz or 433MHz sensors
    5. Read, copy and write the sensor ID quickly
    6. Reprogram LAUNCH sensors with unlimited times
    7. Built-in tire pressure learning instruction makes operation more easy
    8. Cover 98% global vehicles with tire pressure system

  • Launch LTR-01 RF 315MHz & 433MHz TPMS Sensor

    Launch LTR-01 RF Sensor 315MHz & 433MHz TPMS Sensor Tool Metal & Rubber


    1. 315MHz and 433MHz frequencies in 1 sensor.
    2. Provides 98% vehicle coverage to offer the best TPMS solutions for any repair shops or tire shops.
    3. Features with an international leading automotive-grade chip, the pressure value of LTR-01 can be accurate to 0.1 BAR.
    4. The high Precision Air Valve can effectively prevent air leakage and ensures durability and stability.
    5. Replace original tire pressure sensors, copy the original tire pressure sensor data, and can be programmed indefinitely.
    6. Compatiable with Launch X-431 TSGUN WAND


    1. Compatible with over 95% OE sensors
    2. Compatible with OE sensors of 315MHz/433MHz
    3. Over-the-air wireless programming
    4. Battery life of 4 to 6 years
    5. Unlimited number of reprogramming for LAUNCH sensors

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