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Launch X-431 Pro 3 V5 10.1”

Launch X-431 Pro 3 V5 10.1”

Brand new design with 10.1" sunlight readable gorilla glass screen and DOIP/CAN FD functions, X-431 PRO3 V5.0 is always the better choice for customers.


New diagnostic VCI for DBSCar VII supports more communication protocols, such as CAN, CANFD, DoIP*, etc...

Wireless communication offers flexible and easy connections for diagnostics.  A cabled connection offers a fast and stable connection for advanced work like coding.

Full system vehicle coverage for USA, Asian and European markets with over 110 manufacturers.  The vehicle coverage is continuously updating to cover more.

A total of over 30,000 guided functions for VW and AUDI are supported. 

Ful diagnostic functionality includes comprehensive OBDII diagnostics, read/clear DTC's, bi-directional control, remote diagnosis, live data streaming, coding, etc...

ADAS compatibility: Optional ADAS calibration function with X-431 ADAS PRO and ADAS Mobile 
Packing List:
10.1” tablet
Power supply
No-16 pin connectors (Benz 38, Benz 14, BMW 20, Toyota 17, Toyota 22, Ford 6+1, Chrysler 6, etc.)
Cables (Type A to C cable, etc.)
Others (Fuse 5*20mm, etc.)
-ADDON Pre-OBD Adaptors (not included)-

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