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Launch SmartLink C V2 (2024)

Launch SmartLink C V2 (2024)

SmartLink super remote diagnosis is a revolutionary product in-vehicle remote diagnosis which subverts current remote diagnosis. The remote scanner can communicate with the local vehicle directly!  Only a VCI - SmartLink C is needed in local when customers have diagnosis and repair requirements. A technician from thousands of miles away can help while they have the function and SmartLink B.


Note both a SmartLink A and SmartLink B are required for remote functionality.

  • Features

    • Compatible with LAUNCH tools, OE tools or any other diagnostic tools.
    • SmartLink C can be used not only remote diagnosis but also local diagnosis by working with particular LAUNCH intelligent diagnostic tools.
    • Support more advanced protocols like DoIP, CANFD, CAN 2.0.
    • Publish request and accept offer from Launch Super Remote Diagnosis Reservation Platform
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