Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit

Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit

BEQ04 Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit


One kit covers all your Brake System pressure testing needs!


The BEQ04 is a complete hydraulic pressure test kit designed to test any conventional brake system, including brake and clutch master cylinders. There is complete adapter coverage for virtually any passenger and light duty vehicle on the market.



  • Pressure test :
  • Brake or Clutch Master Cylinders
  • Wheel Cylinders and Calipers (front or rear)
  • Slave Cylinders
  • ABS accumulators*
  • Eliminate unnecessary parts replacement and comebacks
  • Diagnose:

Pulling left or right

Soft/hard pedal

Imploded/collapsed lines

Excessive pedal travel

Faulty proportioning front/rear

Slave cylinder engage/disengage





Kit Contents

  • Two 0-3000 PSI gauges with Tell-tale needle
  • 26 Adapters for wheel/caliper and slave cylinder bleeder valves
  • 13 master cylinder adapters
  • Blow molded storage case


* BEQ-20, BEQ-21, or BEQ-22AS adapters may be required to perform ABS accumulator testing on early model year vehicles. Adapters Sold separately.

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