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COP Interceptor

COP Interceptor


    COP Interceptor provides advanced ignition diagnostics over and above scan tools and is simpler than an oscilloscope to operate. Measure, display and save each coil on plug’s secondary ignition data in real time for detailed ignition analysis. View Trend data for visual verification of intermittent misfires that may not set codes. The 6’ cable with 9” probe (2 1/2” bendable arm) allows access to those hard to reach COP’s. The Auto-set function means COPInterceptor works on multiple styles of COP ignition systems.


    Real-time display of Breakdown (kV) and Burn Duration (mS)

    Easy two button operation

    Auto-set gain calibration

    Misfire indicator and counter

    Identifies cylinder contribution

    No COP removal required for use


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