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AUTOOL LM706 Fully Automatic Refrigerant Filling Machine A/C System Maintenance

The AUTOOL LM706 Refrigerant Filling and Recovery Machine incorporates the most advanced and smart control tech and manufacturing process which is the right assistant tool for auto air conditioning repair and maintenance personnel. It is fully automatic intelligent equipment integrating the functions of refrigerant recovery, vacuuming, refrigerant oil charging and refrigerant filling. This product holds with smart control operation interface, reliable manufacturing process and leading technology principle. It is a preferred auto air conditioning maintenance equipment you highly crave.


AUTOOL LM706 Refrigerant Recovery Machine Feature:


1.[Fully Automatic]: AUTOOL LM706 refrigerant filling machine allows to set the parameters in advance, and the machine can complete the work according to the instructions, realizing the whole operation process fully automated, which greatly improves the efficiency.


2.[Self-protection]: AUTOOL LM706 fully automatic refrigerant filling machine comes with self-protection features, it will automatically stop and alarm when there is a problem with the replacing process, which highly ensures the safety of the equipment and vehicle.

3.[ Built-in Database]: Built-in various vehicle models data can be available to select, and then automatically match the corresponding refrigerant type and filling amount according to the vehicle model. No more worries about the choices of your vehicle refrigerant info.


4.[Mul-function Internal Designs]:Built-in compressor: Enables accurate refrigerant recovery; Built-in electronic scale: Precisely weighing the refrigerant amount; Built-in filter: Oil and air can be automatically separated and collected through separate tubes to ensure separate recovery of vapor and liquid.


5.[Highly Distinguished Appearance]: With the large LCD color display, its operation process and data can be seen at a glance. Besides, AUTOOL LM706 features three independent gauges and touch buttons to deliver a premium user experience.


Packing list:

1pc AUTOOL LM 706 Fully Automatic Refrigerant Filling Machine main unit
 Working Hoses Red and Blue (3m)
1pc Power cable
 Self-cleaning Coupler
2pc Seals for hose
 Couplers (High & Low pressure)
1pc Expansion joint
 User manual

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