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Professional Connector Probing Master Kit

Professional Connector Probing Master Kit

Professional Connector Probing master Kit


A complete assortment of Lifetime Guaranteed connector terminal probes,

test leads, and general-purpose probes designed specifically to provide the

greatest possible coverage for the professional automotive technician's

electrical testing needs.


Kit includes:

  • 12 Micro Spade/Square Male/Female
  • 12 Micro Round Male/Female
  • 12 Small Spade Male/Female
  • 6 Small Round Male/Female
  • 12 Large/Medium Spade Male/Female
  • 12 Large/Medium Round Male/Female
  • 2 Tight Spot Test Leads Red/Black
  • 2 Probe Tips Standard Probe
  • 2 Probe Tips Micro Probe Pin
  • 2 Screw-on Alligator Clips
  • 2 Screw-on Banana Plugs
  • 3 Banana Plug Breakout Adapters
  • 10 Replacement Micro Probe Pin Tips


All in a pocketed organizer for your tool box.


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