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Launch X-431 IMMO Pad All-In-One Car Diagnostic Key Programming Tool

Launch X-431 IMMO Pad All-In-One Car Diagnostic Key Programming Tool

  • Features

    X-431 IMMO PAD is a latest new product line scan tool from the Key & IMMO Programmer family for car security and immobilizer systems, featuring all-in-one key programming and all systems OE-level diagnostics.

    Advanced ECU cloning included and supports ECU for  BOSCH, SIEMENS, CONTINENTAL, ZF, GETRAG,  TEMIC, etc. 

    Complete IMMO & Programming service works with the  "IMMO" software for 50+ makes and the "IMMO PROG"  software for 1000+ MCU/ECU models & 1000+EEPROM  models. 

    IMMO functions include Key Matching, Anti-theft Modules  Replacement, ECU reading & writing, ECU coding &  programming, etc. 

    Full system vehicle coverage for U.S., Asian and European markets over 110 brands. The vehicle coverage is continuously being updating to cover more. 

    All systems OE-level diagnostics include comprehensive  OBDII diagnostics, read/clear DTCs, bi-directional control,  remote diagnosis, live data streaming, coding, etc. 

    CAN/CANFD/DolP communication protocols and J2534  communication standards are supported. 

    Both tech-to-tech remote diagnosis and Smartlink remote  diagnosis are supported. 

    Optional ADAS calibration function increases more  revenue. 

    Advanced coding and programming functions. 

    Complete TPMS service is optional by pairing with a X-431  TSGUN tool. 

    Expand the diagnostic coverage via the "Mall" online. 

    One-stop Info Center includes vehicle repair information and the latest updates 

    Review the previous diagnostic reports by tapping the menu of the Diagnostic History.

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