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Launch CRT711 TPMS & Diagnostic Scan Tool with 4 sensors

Launch CRT711 TPMS & Diagnostic Scan Tool with 4 sensors

A Perfect Choice For Any Tire Business

The CRT 711 offers:
1. Activate, read and relearn all known 315MHz/433MHz sensors.
2. TPMS matching by the OBD port is supported with prompted learning steps.
3. Manual & OBD port relearn & reprogram LAUNCH TPMS sensors.
4. Full TPMS functions include read/clear TPMS DTCs, etc.
5. Intelligent diagnostic functions include read/clear DTCs, live data streaming, etc.
6. 26 advanced service functions are supported

    • Android-based wireless TPMS & Diagnostic tool
    • All 315MHz/ 433MHz sensors activations/reading/relearning functions are supported
    • TMPS matching by the OBD2 port is supported with prompt learning steps
    • Reading,copying and unlimited programming Launch sensor ID services are supported.
    • 4 sensor programming methods are supported, including create automatically, activate and copy. OBD copy and input ID manually.
    • Display tyre pressure. tyre temperature and battery status at a glance.
    • TPMS trouble-shooting diagnosis includes reading DTCs. clearing DTCs, etc.
    • AI vehicle selection and OE vehicle selection are supported.
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