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EV Battery Pack Module Charging and Discharging Device

EV Battery Pack Module Charging and Discharging Device

ELP400 has built-in various test and maintenance modes, which are suitable for the discharge, charging, cycle charging and discharging tests of various lithium batteries on the market. Adopting an intelligent operating system and supports wireless data transmission, it helps to maintain and manage the battery pack, thus extending its service life.

  • Features

    1. The 7-inch LCD touch screen and the intuitive menu simplified the operation.

    2. Portable, easy to carry and transport.

    3. Applied to all common lithium battery packs testing with various voltage levels. 

    4. Equalizing maintenance test can activate the lithium battery performance completely.

    5. Support intelligent equalizing function, and equalizing maintenance parameter customization.

    6. Adopt wave width modulation technology, high efficiency, high power factor, low noise, low electromagnetic interference.

    7. Support multiple protection design and alarm settings of voltage, current, temperature abnormal to protect the battery and the balancer.

    8. Support the safety protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit, anti-reverse protection and overheating protection.

    9. Multiple discharge auto-stop conditions make testing mode more intelligent and flexible, and avoid over-charge and over-discharge. 

    10. Customized setting the total charging time, constant voltage time, charging capacity, and charging current. 


  • Specifications


      Power Input   AC 90~265V
      Data Communication   CAN RS485
      Data Dump   U disk
      Data Storage   16G
      Module Data Acquisition Communication      Harness sampling
      Group Voltage Accuracy     ≤±0.5%FS±0.3V, resolution: 0.001V


      Cell Voltage Accuracy   ≤±0.1%FS±5mV, resolution: 0.001V
      Current Measurement Accuracy   ≤±1%FS+0.2A, resolution: 0.1A
      Charging/Discharging Voltage Range   DC 2~260V
      Charging Current Range   0~100A, maximum power 4.4kw
      Discharging Current Range   0~100A, maximum power 7.2kw
      Charging Control   Constant current charging + constant voltage charging
      Discharging Mode   Constant current discharging
      Charging and Discharging Data Acquisition      In-camera active measurement + external can communication data acquisition   
      Electric Box Charging and Discharging Protection   

      Battery string overcharge and over discharge,

      battery string temperature is too high protection 

      Main Unit Protection   Over temperature, over current, current runaway trigger shutdown protection  
      Shutdown Actuator   DC air circuit breaker + release
      Reverse Connection Protection   Power failure of power line and main cable
      Over-temperature Protection   100℃ resistance box over temperature 85℃; radiator over temperature 100℃
      Alarm Prompt   LCD prompt + buzzer


      Breaking Down Test   AC input-metal shell: 2200Vdc 1 min AC input-metal shell
        DC input-output: 2200Vdc 1 min DC input-case


      Radiation Method   Forced air cooling

      Working temperature range: -5~40℃

      Storage temperature: -20~70℃

      Humidity   Relative humidity 0~90%(40±2℃)
      Elevation   Rated altitude 2000m


      Dimensions/Weight   445*329*540(mm)/25.6kg


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