• 4000kg base type symmetric 2 post hoist
  • Work Safe Australia, third party engineered and assessed and CE certified
  • Fully automatic unlocking safety device adopted, operating only with Up/Down button
  • Fully concealed cables and pipes
  • Double hydraulic cylinder and high strength chain drive makes table and smooth lifting and lowering
  • Wire rope equalization system fores synchronous movement of two carriages and effectively prevents vehicle from tilting.
  • 24V low voltage control box (IP54 level) ensures operator's safety
  • Cylinder travel limit switch effectively protects cylinder and extends its lifespan
  • Emergency lowering valve can be manually operated to make lift lower safely in case power is off
  • Flow-control valve is deployed to make lift slower or stop lowering for the case of oil explosion to protect operator's safety and vehicle not being damaged.
  • CE-STOP function with safety alarm beep would automatically warn operators to keep safe distance from lift when it lowers to about 250mm high from ground.
  • Door rubber pad protects car door from being damaged in collision
  • More lifting pads with different height meets the requirements for light lorries and SUVs
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