MD802 Full Systems

MD802 Full Systems

MaxiDiag Elite MD802

Powerful, All Module Scan Tool

The MaxiDiag Elite 802 can read and clear codes on all available modules on domestic, Asian and European vehicles (1996 to present). Performs deep vehicle system coverage for all available electronic systems and access to the body, chassis, powertrain and on-board communication modules. The MD802 also supports all five OBDII Protocols and all 10 test modes.


50 Plus Module coverage

Read and erase codes on all powertrain, chassis, body and communication and information modules

Compatible with most domestic, Asian and European vehicles (1996 and newer)

Live Data Graphing for all modules

One-click erase all codes feature

Automatic VIN Acquisition

Perform oil light/maintenance reset

Perform electronic parking brake testing and maintenance

Life-time of free internet software updates

Report printing to document pre and post- vehicle repair status

MaxiDiag Elite MD802


Read Communication and Information Modules

Central display, back up camera, central operating unit, cellular telephone

UCI Media interface, telematics service (remote control door unlocking), onstar accessory, gateway, vehicle communication interface

Read Chassis Modules

Read chassis modules including electronic brake control, electronic suspension, trailer brake control, traction control, TPMS, Steering angle sensor, parking brake, adaptive brake, electronic power steering, active body control, magna steer, vehicle stability enhancement VSES.


Read and Erase Codes on All Available System Modules

Read Body Control Modules including BCM, Digital Radio, Standard Radio, Drivers Door Module, HVAC (Air Conditioning), Instrument Panel Cluster IPC, Seat memory module, park assist module, passenger door, occupant presence system, rear heated, seat module, rear HVAC module, remote control, door lock, roll over sensors signal, acquisition module, theft deterrent amplifier, oil light reset, central gateway, electronic ignition switch, immobilizer, overhead control panel, headlamp controller, power window controller, convertible top controller, wipers, steering column module.


Read Powertrain Modules

Read powertrain modules including transfer case module, ATC fuel pump control module, FPC fuel injection control module, FICM Radar sensor control unit (auto cruise control), all wheel drive control VG transfer case module, electronic selector module.


MaxiDiag Elite 802: Scan All Modules





One-Click AutoScan Feature

Autoscan functions scans all modules displaying fault or no fault message.


Control Unit Function

Control unit function lists all vehicle system modules available to scan.


Diagnostics Menu

Display system status, read codes, erase codes, view live and freeze frame data. Display I/readiness status and O2 monitor and on-board monitor test.


Live Data Graphing

The MD802's color LCD gives true detail to live data graphing of all modules.

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