Launch Thermal Imager

Launch Thermal Imager


TIT-201 is an infrared thermal imager combining surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal image.


The thermal imaging camera combines the function of surface temperature and thermal imaging in real time. It has the function of a traditional camera image to determine the points of the test area with the possibility of mixing a thermal image of varying intensity. Includes a cursor on the screen to accurately locate thermal points.


Automotive Applications:
• Tire contact and wear diagnostics
• Brake and engine system evaluation for performance and cooling
• Rotor temperatures and wear patterns                                                                                                       • Diesel engine glow-plug malfunctions
• Faulty fuel injection nozzles
• Faulty wheel bearings
• Passenger compartment AC comfort analysis                                         
• Proper fluid temperatures, static and full load
• Rear differential and gearbox temps                                                        • In-vehicle draft and wind noise identification
• AC liquid and gas lines and hose analysis
• Turbo chargers and catalytic converters                                                 • Hot spots in wiring, fuses and connections                                            • Exhaust manifolds
• Evaporators, condensers and radiators for proper heat exchange