Back Pressure Tester

Back Pressure Tester

BPT02 Back Pressure Tester


Quickly test backpressure and clogged or obstructed catalytic converters.

Three stage adapter has12MM & 18MM thread sizes to fit most domestic and import vehicles oxygen sensor ports. The standard 1/4"-20 tip provides the

ability to test through the exhaust pipe when O2 sensor ports are inaccessible.* High temperature silicon hose prevents damage to tester from high exhaust temperatures.


Features:                                                       Benefits:

3 stage adapter                                             Access most common O2 sensor ports or self tap access


Adapter flange                                              Access common Toyota style O2 sensor ports


Removable 6” high temp silicone tube                Easy to install 3 stage adapter


0-15 PSI gauge with 2-½ face                   Accurate, easy to read pressure within a                        ½ PSI



Kit Contents:

  • 0-15 PSI gauge
  • 6” High temp silicone tube
  • 3 Stage adapter
  • Flange adapter


Includes Blo-molded carrying case!


* Pipe tap set not included.

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